Trading with Technical Analysis — Made Simple

The charts tell you where the smart money is going.

This is a 3-day online Comprehensive Technical Analysis trading course. The focus of this class is using Technical Analysis as your primary trade indicator. In order to formulate successful trading decisions, technical analysts examine current price movements, previous price movements to enter Low Risk / High Probability trades. This method enables you to identify the patterns of future price movements.

Everybody looks at charts, but not everybody knows what they are looking at or what they are looking for. Most professional traders are aware of charting and technical analysis, but don’t know in detail how to recognize the various patterns. In this course we will learn how to identify many of the most reliable formations and patterns and how to use this recognition to execute trades with a high probability of success.

We were all born from the same mold, and we all experience the same emotions. Two of those emotions are Fear and Greed. In a bull market greed drives prices higher while fear drives them lower, and the opposite is true in a bear market. Our emotions create patterns on the charts, and these patterns tend to repeat themselves. These patterns give you precise entry points where you know exactly where you are right, which means you should know exactly where you are wrong. The key here is you don’t know how right you will be until the move plays out, but you should always know how wrong you will be. Risk management is key to our success.


What you’ll learn in this 3-day course:

  • You will learn how to understand the technical indicators you’ll need to help identify and capitalize on the price trends of any market you choose to trade.
  • You will learn to correctly understand and draw the levels on your charts to help find the best support and resistance.
  • You will learn to make high percentage trades instead of having that “gambling behavior”.
  • You will learn to find precise entry point trades, which helps minimize losses and maximize profits while learning how to “Ride the wave”.
  • You will learn to understand chart patterns that will guide you to where the markets may go.

(Separate from the 3-day course, you can also sign up for The Chart Watcher Subscription Service.)

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